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    Remotely Hosted/ Ad Management Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Ad Management Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Ad Tracker and Monitor
    AdWatcher is a real-time ad tracking service that offers live reporting that gives you a complete picture of how well your online advertising is really doing. It works with any pay-per-click search engine, banner advertisements, newsletters, or any other form of advertising and provides you with detailed reports on your expenses, profits, sales, and much more. Free 14-day trial.
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    2. Textads Exchange
    Allow web users to notice your website without harrassing them with pop-ups or banners. Give them some information that will lead them to your products and services. Filters include: Languages, ads categories, ... Full statistics and control panel. Publishers who host the textads start with 2000 credits.
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    3. EasyAdvertise.com - Text Ad Serving Market
    EasyAdvertise.com is a text ad serving network and marketplace. Webmasters simply sign up and can serve custom text ads on their site monetizing from all their hard work. Advertisers can easily and automatically purchase CPM based advertising from EasyAdvertise sites in just minutes. All payments are made via PayPal and webmasters are paid out on a monthly basis.
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    4. AdvertMarket.com - Banner Rotation and Ad Network
    AdvertMarket is a unique solution for online advertising. Webmasters can setup adspaces on their webpages and are listed in our directory. Advertisers can browse and search our directory for their targeted needs, placing banners on many different adspaces from different websites and pay with only one transaction. Webmasters can keep 90.5% of their earnings.
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    5. TAGword - Text advertising with flair
    TAGword.com is a revolutionary text-based advertising system that has you making money from your website directly from your visitors. TAGword uses industry standard ad sizes to display ads and has 9 ad sizes and three categories to choose from. You set the prices, you set the colors, you control every aspect of the way your ads are displayed. Signup is free and fee's are nominal, and if your site qualifies, you can get a commission-free account!
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    6. WebsiteGoodies Ad Rotator
    WebsiteGoodies offers a free ad rotation service. You can serve unlimited banners on your website, each with its own login for statistics (plus an overview page for the administrator) and weight settings.
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    7. adRevenue Hosted Text Ads Software
    AdRevenue is a no-compromise powerful ad serving solution. With adRevenue, you can start serving Text Ads, Banners and Freeform HTML in multiple zones on your website in no time at all. Profit from the hard work you put into your website with AdRevenue. Be up and running quickly! Advertisers can quickly purchase ads and have them show up on your site or your network of sites within minutes. Our no-limitation, no-compromize solution allows you to setup multiple ad rates, serve multiple banner sizes, totally customize innovative Text Ads (like Google AdWords), and include free form HTML ads You're not limited! You can setup multiple ad zones, multiple ad rates for each zone, sell ads CPC, CPM or Daily.
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    8. AdXpress
    AdExpress technology is efficiently designed to provide services to advertisers, publishers and agencies of all sizes. AdXpress will become an integral part of your information technology infrastructure and your daily preferred tool of your marketing team. AdXpress, in addition to ad delivery and reporting, will gladly supply all participating sites (publishers, networks, agency¡¯s) with their own login account and reporting.
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