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    Remotely Hosted/ Banner Exchange Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Banner Exchange Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. BannerXchange
    BannerXchange for everybody... Earn hits for your website by showing a banner on you website.. You only need a 468*60 banner
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    2. Banner Exposures
    A free 5:4 banner exchange to aid you in the marketing of your site. Features: No misleading banners allowed, categories, 3 days per month a true 1:1 ratio, safe mode to collect credits for a big campaign and much more. All you have to do is place a snippet of html onto your site !
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    3. Advert Zoo
    At AdvertZoo.com, we strive to excel from all the other banner exchanges on the net. We offer a ratio of 1:1, multiple banner sizes, multiple banners, multiple sites, advanced stats, member rewards, webmaster forum, fantastic support too. All of this is free, so join now and get more visitors to your site ASAP!
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    4. Your advertising solution with text link exhange
    Sign up for this free service and get the targeted traffic you have been looking for in a matter of hours. By displaying your customized links on your site you will start racking up the credits in no time at all.Moreover, you can display anywhere up to 5 links at a time within a link box. Every link that you display equals one impression. So if you decide to show 5 links in your link box, you may get from 2 to 5 credits (depends on your exchange ratio) for every unique page view. What banner exchange service lets you earn so many credits on every page view?
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    5. Pakistan Link Exchange
    Pakistan Link Exchange is Pakistan's largest FREE banner network with 1:1 ratio. Anyone can join this programme easily just by signing up at the given URL. Our administrator(s) will review your website and will approve if it meets with the requirements. Along with this service, now Pakistan Link Exchange also has forums, reviews, downloads, web directory, resources,gallery and many many more. Visit for details.
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    6. Scrolling Text Ads
    Similar to a banner exchange, but uses new Scrolling Text Ad technology instead of banners to achieve maximum click-throughs and minimum visitor annoyance. Has a fair 4:3 exchange ratio. Sites can be placed in 17 categories.
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    7. Indian Link Exchange
    A free 1:1 Banner Exchange service designed for beginners and advanced users. Members can target banner, time of the day and save credits for a campaign. New members get 50 free banner impressions for joining.
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    8. Pay Per Click Adsense
    Ispcheck.com.pk Pay Per Click Adsense now get more revenue for your site publishers allover the world preeeeeeeeee-approved. Now you can get money with your site as alternative of google adsense.
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    9. Banner Exchange World
    Banner Exchange World offers so much more than normal banner exchanges. 9:10. Its free and you WILL get x2 the current hits within the first day!
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    10. The Ultimate Banner Exchange!
    A new banner exchange Our exchange rate is 1:2 You will have to display 1 member banners on you site to receive two on theirs. You will get 1000 banner impressions once you sign up
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