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    Remotely Hosted/ Chat Scripts Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Chat Scripts Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Omnistar Live Web-Based Help Desk Softwa
    Omnistar Live is a web-based help desk software system that allows you to chat with site visitors, log support issues in a help desk, and create a knowledgebase of information. Its dynamic php helpdesk script can run on any UNIX or Linux server, or can be easily hosted on Omnistarís secure servers.
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    2. KariChat web visitor monitor and live chat
    Watch and monitor your website visitors as they browse your pages, see which page they are currently viewing, chat with them in real-time and offer help, engage them in sales and increase revenue. KariChat helps you make the most out of every visitor with tons of features like chat window customization with your own logo, to pro-active chat invitations, to search engine keywords. Try the free trial now
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    3. ABChat
    ABChat is a FREE web based chatroom service. The service provides a very nice, full featured and easy-to-cofigure chatroom on your website. No special downloads are required for end-users.
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    4. MyTagBoard
    MyTagBoard.Net allows you to provide your visitors with real-time discussion without the complexity of forums. Control Evildoers with ip banning, flood control, profanity lists Chat back and forth in real time with auto refresh Remotely Hosted - Just include some HTML on your site and you're up and running
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    5. Userplane WebChat Instant-Install
    This latest deployment option for Userplane Apps lets customers put the multi-user, a/v chat onto any webpage by simply copying and pasting a one-line script. The web-based chat room application features streaming audio and video through the Flash MX-based client, enabling users to watch and listen to each other.
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    6. ContribuHelp - Customer Service Instant Messaging
    ContribuHelp is a click-to-chat system that allows your visitors to connect directly with you via live chat while browsing your site. You run the powerful yet easy to use Control Center on your computer, your visitors will not need to download anything as it is 100% cross-browser compatible, with no Java or plug-ins. The system is hosted on ContribuHelp's IM servers, so there are no additional requirements from your web hosting provider. Just add one line of HTML to your site, and you're ready to go!
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    7. Free Shoutbox
    Simple, easy to setup Shoutbox / Tagboard. Fully configurable. Simple copy/paste the generated code into your webpage. Perfect for Blogs, free hosts and forums.
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    8. Simple Shoutbox
    Free Remotely Hosted Shoutbox - The most advanced control panel around! Includes... Unlimited Shouts, Full Administration, Full Customisation, Skins Archive, And Much Much More!!!
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    9. MetaIRC Free Hosted Java Chat
    MetaIRC offers a free hosted java chat client for your web site visitors to be able to access your IRC channel. Your users need quick access to your IRC channel. Ease of use is a top priority for gaining access to your IRC channel. With MetaIRC, dropping in a simple JavaScript snippet customized for your channel, will insert the world-renowned PJIRC Java Client.
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    10. Your Shoutbox
    World's easiest shoutbox: free, ad-free and hosted. Full admin power and many features including: design admin, ban-admin, smilies, ubb code and message admin. This is what you need!
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