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    Remotely Hosted/ Collections Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Collections Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. HostedScripts
    Have you ever wanted to use various CGI scripts, but don't have access to CGI? Well now you can. HostedScripts offer a wide variety of free hosted CGI scripts for your use. Current available scripts include mailing list manager, message board, guestbook, site recommendation, formmail, redirection, polls, counters, password protection, and much more.
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    2. CGISpy.com Free Remote CGI Hosting
    For those without a CGI-BIN or equivalent directory this is the answer for you. CGISpy.com offers over 30 free remotely hosted CGI scripts. Includes auction scripts, web boards, counters, guestbooks and much more. Guaranteed to improve your Web site dramatically and will keep visitors returning again and again.
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    3. CGIAxis.com
    At Axis Internet hosts a collection of over 20 CGI Scripts. Some of these include a web chat used alot for roll playing, and we have a very nice Calendar Script. Along with those we have Voting and Survey and many others as well.
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    4. Bravenet Web Services
    Bravenet provides a variety of the interactive Web Site tools for your site. Whether for a personal or a commercial page, if you've got the Web Site, we've got the tools. Each service is designed for all users, from novice to advanced. Easy to set up, yet full of cool features for that 'professional look'.
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    5. Free PHP-Nuke Blocks Downloads
    a great collection of PHP-Nuke blocks which add rich content to your PHP-Nuke website and let your visitors come back frequently to your homepage, thus INCREASING the TRAFFIC and RANK of your webportal.
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    6. Whats My IP
    Whats My IP is a tool to determine your IP Address.
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    7. Cool Site Stuff
    Cool Site Stuff allows webmasters to create forms of all descriptions, polls, quizzes, tell a friend scripts, add games and jokes. Easy creation, free signup.
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    8. SunnyScript's application hosting
    SunnyScript offers a wide range of professional CGI software to enhance your business website by adding interactivity and online e-commerce services. Most products are available either as stand-alone licenses and as rented option starting from 14,80 Euro per month. Have a look at our website for more information !
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    9. nFluent Music
    Free interactive press kit system for musicians and bands. Offers integrated fan e-vites, events calendar, e-mail newsletter, photo gallery, music/audio uploads and player, news manager, guest book, and more. It is 100% free, including 30MB of space for uploading photos and music, and takes just minutes to setup and manage.
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    10. All in one tools
    Navigate.to is a 100% Free interactive service where webmaster's can instantly create free web site additions like a free Invision Board forum, free guestbooks, free web counters, tell a friend form, chat service, short URL, password protection, forms and much more. You only need to register once to add additional free services under one account login. No charges, no pro fees. All free. Watch for new tools added monthly!
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