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    Remotely Hosted/ Communication Tools Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Communication Tools Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. SMartSend Worldwide SMS API Gateway
    We provide a high capacity SMS gateway to send text messages around the world. We support most countries and networks. HTTP POST and EMAIL APIs allow you to send messages from within your applicationswebsites, fetch message delivery reports and specify the 'sender' of the message ki
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    2. Digital Interactive SMS
    This new service will allow you to send SMS, Flash SMS, logos, ring tones, photo messages and translated messages into other languages direct from your website or application. Prices start from as little at 0.4p per message.
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    3. eZeMeetMe
    Our Video-Communicator can be used to create a network of 'people' (employees, customers, suppliers, students, friends and/or relatives... you name it) who will be able to make videoconferences with you and between them into your own password-protected web site. eZeMeetMe's Video-Communicator can save you thousands of dollars each year and dramatically increase your productivity and improve your 'people's' communication efforts, specially if they are located at different locations (offices, buildings, cities or countries).
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    4. Online Messenger Service
    The online messenger service lets you see who is visiting your site right now. You can send that person a message with one click on the button. There is also a win32 bits client for it. Installation is very easy. Just add 8 lines of HTML to your site.
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    5. Let your visitors send Free SMS.
    Yes, it is possible. Let your visitors send SMS to india from your website. Simply by adding few lines of javascript code to your webpage.
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    6. SMS Text Messenger
    This service will allow you send SMS text messages. This is a FREE service.
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    7. Nabaza Cell Phone Tools
    Nabaza Cell Phone Tools offers free ringtones, wallpapers, and screensavers for your cellphone and offer free 100 sms when you buy 500 sms load.
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    8. Free Customized Forum
    This is a free copy-and-paste forum service. You can customize and create your own forums. You doní»t need any database or programming language support.
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    9. Instalink
    Instalink is a web-based service, enabling all types of businesses from night clubs to fashion shops to e-shops to advertise through SMS messages. Build and group contact lists with you customers' cell phone numbers and create and maintain campaigns while sending out personalized messages. Maximize you ROI! Furthermore, Instalink provides some of the lowest rates on the market with only $0.05 USD per message worldwide!
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    10. ConceptMonitor
    ConceptMonitor try to check regularly project homepage of useful freewares and open-source software products and provided a one stop shop to check the version of the latest stable release. The list of software project monitored currently is small, however anyone can contribute by requesting that a particular project is added to the list. Soon, users will also be able to register to be notify when a new version is available.
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