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    Remotely Hosted/ Content Management Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Content Management Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Omnistar Article web based article softw
    The Omnistar Article web based article software is a robust system for managing content on your website. The content management script allows anyone to easily post articles, press releases, event notices, and more to a customizable web page. The Omnistar Article php article software is user friend and can be managed by a non-technical person.
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    2. Aeonity - Free Blog Community
    Aeonity is a Free Blog Hosting Community where you may publish information instantly on your website and customize your blog to fit your personality. It basically works like a weblog, journal, diary, or notepad and requires little or no technical background to update and maintain. Your blog posts are arranged in chronological order with the most recent additions featured prominently for your friends and family to view. With Aeonity you are able to add a photo, search, create your own personal template layout or you may use one of our free themes. Our software was developed for those who are interested in having their blog hosted on the web at no charge with no banner advertisements.
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    3. SuperBuilder.net - Online Site Builder
    Ussually building a website for your business meant thousands of dollars on a designer, software, support and hosting. Not now! What used to take weeks and costs thousands, now takes minutes and looks better, SuperBuilder editor is the easiest and most powerful website builder available. You will have your website up and running live on the internet, in just 5 minutes. SuperBuilder is packed full of powerful features, many of which are unavailable on other technologies. Ecommerce, newsletter, shopping cart, email photo albums, catalogs, coupons, auto responders calendars and much much more are all included. You will find creating and updating your site a breeze. Most changes only require a click of your mouse and editing text is just like typing a letter If you can use a mouse then you can make a great website. SuperBuilder is the only technology that is directly comparable to a custom site built by a professional web development company. We highly suggest giving the 10 days Free Trial a try, you have nothing to lose and your business has everything to gain.
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    4. FlashBuilder Network
    FlashBuilder offer its members the ability to build their own flash website through a simple flash editor, you can upload your custom pics and music, choose from lots of flash intros and interfaces, chat and feedback modules and more. More than 160,000 members already built their flash sites using our free service. Join them !!
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    5. Cleartide London web design and CMS
    Cleartide specialises in developing highly effective, bespoke solutions to help clients make the most of the internet's potential.From web design and development to CMS systems and custom solutions.
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    6. Community Wizard
    Community Wizard enables your website to serve as an online community, interactive, intranet, extranet and more! Community Wizard offers the greatest features in portal software on the market. Community Wizard is designed around a baseline program and includes all the modules that work around the baseline. Any of the modules can be enabled/disabled in the setup options by a click of a button. We made it as flexible as it can get, your website will look like your very own portal and not like any others you see out there. You can also plugin any layout you already have or found without any problems. And in reality, Community Wizard is a whole lot more. Our customers are using it for so many types of websites including scalable large-format portals, entertainment, pay-for-play websites, and more!
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    7. Adult WebSite Management and Hosting
    My Adult Site is a comprehensive set of online tools designed to make getting your adult content onto the internet easy. Your site will be professionally designed, easy to navigate, and assembled in minutes! Our goal is to make your site as easy to manage as possible leaving you free to create content.
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    8. KameleWeb, edit, update, create or design your website easily
    Kameleweb is a web based content management system (CMS) that allows you to create, edit, design, update... your web site on line, through an unbelievable simple and easy to use browser based tool, that looks similar to a common Word processor software, with no need of downloads, installations or programming. Is it easy to use? Kameleweb has been designed to be really simple to understand, learn and use. Even users with no Internet or computer knowledge have been able to use it and take advantage of all its features, now they do not need to pay for expensive software or IT professionals to update and manage their web sites. If you sign up now, you will also have full access to our wide selection of high quality free web templates that will help you creating or updating your web site in a matter of seconds. Can I try it for free now? Of course you can. We have created a free demo version for you to test Kameleweb before purchasing it.
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    9. Real Estate WebSite Builder
    - Over 250 unique templates to choose from and switch between as often as you like, with 10 new templates added weekly - One subdomain (www.yourname.netreal.net) and hosting. - Listings manager with unlimited number of listings, lead generation features (contact form, announce a friend), photo tours, map locator, search engine - Resource center with unlimited number of articles and rich content editor - Personal profile with photo gallery - A rich features Community info section to improve your exposure and effectiveness in the area you are farming - Testimonials section - Recommended links section - A vast range of financial calculators for your prospective clients - Complete online control panel enabling you to change the content, look and feel of your website in a matter of minutes - Traffic tracker that will deliver you statistics and graphs on your website's activity - Meta tags generator and search engines submitter - Optional: your own domain name (ex. www.myname.com )
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    10. Free Website Builder
    Our simple non-template site builder is your complete web site building and hosting solution. You can update your site any time you like and it's 100% free. Our site builder application is ideal for novice computer users who only need a very simple website so that people can find information about them or thier business such as contact information. At any time you can upgrade your site so that you have your own domian name and other additional benifits for a small anual fee.
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