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    Remotely Hosted/ Counters Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Counters Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. FastOnLineUsers
    A free service that allows you to show how many visitors are currently on your site.
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    2. Fast Web Counter
    Add a free webcounter to your site, just copy/paste a simple code to your homepage. Receive stats via e-mail.
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    3. Webnhance webCounter
    Simple easy to use image counter service. Just place a simple image tag on your page, and you will be able to count and show everyone how many hits that page has received.
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    4. StatsMachine.com: Free Text, Graphic Counter
    A remotely hosted text or graphic counter with no required ads or logos. Adjustable start number. You can use any digit images you like. The digit images are stored on your Web site and therefore you are in full control over them.
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    5. Free Counters
    Free-Counters offer free WebPage counters and statistics for your pages to keep track of all your visitors. There are a variety of different counters to choose from by using its unique colour wizard.
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    6. EasySiteStats (MecaLog)
    EasySiteStats (formerly MecaLog) offers high speed graphical and invisible logging counters. Logs include host/ip, referer, agent, time and date, resolution and color, online time, page impressions and top keywords. Easy account maintenance right at your fingertips. EastSiteStats is a totally free service.
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    7. The Angry Bean Counter
    The Angry Bean Counter is a free, invisible counter that offers such features as unique and total hit counting, logging and graphing of visitor's browser, OS, monitor depth, and monitor resolution, referrers, the ability to ignore hits from your browser, and the ability to track how many times a visitor has been to your page. You can add, modify, view, or delete an unlimited number of counters from the simple, real-time web-based interface. You can also set any image that the script returns.
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    8. Jiwang's Smart Counter
    This is a fully customizable counter service that comes with an admin page. User can modify the text, digit themes anytime. And logs incoming ip, browser type, and referer. Can be used with ssi and javascript.
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    9. GameCounter
    GameCounter uses image styles based on a variety of video games, movies, television shows, anime, and related topics. There are over 200 image styles available. Other options include invisiblity, reload blocking, many background colors to choose from, transparency, not counting one's own visits, and some statistics recording.
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    10. Advanced Text counter Service
    Our Web Counter service takes a different approach to Counters, we have advanced features such as the ability not just to count hits, but to count unique visitors, you can Set your Count for both stats back to (0), and start your Hits Number off at a higher Limit, Both unique visitors and Hits visitors are displayed on your webpage as a text Counter, We now have an Adavnced, but at the same time, easy to use counter Style wizard, with an option for a scrolling Text counter, we also have a new advanced Invisible Mode feature, where you can hide your counter from Site, we offer a well designed, and easy to use Members area to admin your Counter, We also offer a Paid Service from just $1 per Month, for an exmaple of our counter and to see how it all works and to get the lastest features please Visit us.
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