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    Remotely Hosted/ Discussion Boards Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Discussion Boards Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Free phpBB forums
    free-phpbb.info is a free service that offers installed phpBB boards. Alot of services like ours bundle as many mods on as they can wethere their users want them or not, at free-phpbb.info we have taken the veiw that alot of these mods are not needed so the only mod installed is 1 that was custom made by myself which allows the board owner to change the banner of the forum. All boards are free (although contain non obtrusive google ads). In the very near future we will be providing a tool to remove the banners for a small monthly fee.
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    2. Forum For Free
    Forum For Free?offer free forum hosting, with automatic, easy creation. Your message board will be instantly activated - all that is required is your email address, it takes about 1 minute to sign up, and a further 30 seconds to have your forum fully functional and installed on one of our fast dedicated servers. The forums we provide are 100% customizable, most every aspect of your forum can be customized. Our servers are monitored by Alertra and have excellent uptime.
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    3. Project FreeForum
    Free remotely hosted webmaster tools. Everything from message boards to scripts to codes. We even offer a web-based FTP client so you can access your website. Please visit us and help our website succeed. If you visit and help us succeed, we will help YOU succeed!
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    4. WAP / Mobile forum hosting
    You can create and manage your own forum instantly now! Access it from web and wap. Come join us and start creating your own unique forum.
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    5. SayBox - Free Remotely Hosted Shoutboxes
    Saybox offers free remotely hosted shoutboxes to use on your website. Each Saybox can be customized to match the colors and style of your website, and because we host them, there's no tricky installation to do - just signup and insert one line of code into your page to get started! We give full technical support to users, or potential users, of SayBox both before and after you signup if need be. Technical Support is also completely free.
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    6. Hyperboards
    Hyperboards is home to the greatest and fastest growing message board hosting service in the world. Think we're joking? Think we're exaggerating? Well, we think that if you take a few minutes to sit down and truly explore what our service has to offer, you'll begin to agree with us, and soon you too will be calling this place home. By registering with us, you get a free remotely hosted message board, that supports unlimited members, categories, threads, polls and posts complete with full customization and the ability to create skins or choose premade ones and add custom templates to it using HTML and Javascript.
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    7. Effex-Media Free Forums
    A terrific interactive web tool, this Message Board service features lots of top-notch features like threaded or board-style layouts, adding custom images, full color customization, smilies, and more
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    8. Free Remotely Hosted Invision Board service
    We want to invite you to setup your own free Invision Power Board, and we will host it as well ! There will be no fees whatsoever for you at any time. The forums are based on Invision Board, a free message board software. We have made it possible for you, to have a free forum without any need to obtain web hosting ! The setup process takes about 2 minutes, then you have an up and running Invision Power Board ! Free Forum Features include Subdomain Support, Leading Forum Software, Hosted On Ultra Fast Servers, Custom Style Sheet Support, File Upload Support, Custom HTML Template Support, and Board Wrappers are enabled.
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    9. Freeminz
    100% free and adless message board hosting. Unlimited space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited users, posts, and free search engine submissions!
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    10. MyFreeBulletinboard
    We use modified versions of PHPBB and Invision Power Board that allows for instant board setup. This gives us the ability to offer free, fully customizable, full featured bulletin boards to anyone who wants one in exchange for placing one banner add on your board. We are popup free and proud of it. There is no limit on bandwidth, posts, or members. You are free to grow your community as large as you want! So get your free bulletin board today!
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