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    Tools and Utilities/ Ecommerce Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Tools and Utilities/ Ecommerce Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Omnistar Cart eCommerce Store Software
    Omnistar Cart is a dynamic ecommerce store software suite that allows you to create, customize, and maintain your own e-store from start to finish. More than just a simple shopping cart, Omnistar Cart will jumpstart your marketing potential by automatically sending personalized emails to market specifically to visitors of your site, and even set up an affiliate tracking system so your business can grow as quickly as possible.
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    2. Online Store Kit
    Run your online Store today with us! Online Store Kit 3.0 is a set of easy-to-use, highly scalable and very efficient e-commerce solutions meant for small and middle companies, large corporations, or even a home sitter: * Profit increasing. Up to $10 000 a month! * Traffic growing. More than 1000 visitors a day! * Regular sales. Constant inflow of money! * Stable business. Easy-to-use shopping cart!
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    3. Online Store Kit Pro
    Intense research, development and testing have brought us to what we call the Online Store Kit 3.0 Pro. Now wWe are launching a new edition of revolutionary improved version ofOnline Store Kit 3.0 Pror with new features: - Product Modifiers/Options support (Color, Size? - ability to compare products by attributes in special products comparison page - ability to organize products in special listings automatically (hot, new) and manually - Easy to use address book and self-administering account - Installation wizard - Affiliate Program - Shopping cart integrated And other.
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    4. Room Planner
    The Room Planner does exactly what it is said - it helps you to plan your room, and decides how to arrange all of your things to make best use of the space you've got. You'd be surprised at how much difference a bit of moving can make - it can even feel like you've got a completely new room.
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    5. PC System Builder
    Designed to build and price custom computer system configurations on-the-fly. If your company sells computers - PC System Builder is designed for you. PC System Builder allows the client to configure a computer and then make order for computer configuration.
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    6. AuctionIntelligence
    By analyzing what's selling, you can determine the best time to list your products, the right words to use in your titles, the sweet spot for Buy-It-Now and Reserve auctions, and more. Why list an item and get just average results, when you can get awesome results with AuctionIntelligence.
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    7. Proforma
    Proforma enables you to process credit card transactions in a customer-not-present environment. This is ideal for businesses that take orders via mail, phone or by email. The software is completely open source, and is available as a stand-alone program, webpage-based or component based. No merchant account is required, nor is there any setup fee or monthly charges.
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    8. Easystorecreator Ecommerce Site Builder
    Easystorecreator's do-it yourself ecommerce site builder allows you to easily build an ecommerce store. Your store can be customized to your exact specifications. Select a processor and begin processing credit cards immediately. Modify and manage your store from any internet connection.
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    9. GoECart Shopping Cart Software
    GoECart is a feature rich, customizable turnkey eCommerce solution that lets you setup and operate an online store quickly and cost-effectively. Features include inventory management, point-and-click layout authoring, and much more. All this is offered with 24/7 online support, secure, reliable and high-performance web hosting and spam free email. GoECart also provides result-driven Internet marketing, eCommerce consulting and custom software development services to help clients realize their full online potential even in the most competitive markets.
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    10. UPS Shipping Active-X Edition
    Thank you for making our ASP based UPS script a huge success! Now for the many who have been requesting that we provide this solution on platforms other than ASP, here it is finally. We are proud to launch the Active-X Control version of our UPS component. This DLL component can be integrated with any Windows Programming platform that uses Active-X. It is a true OOP (Object Oriented) class that comes with object properties and methods for ease of use. Now, the convenience of using realtime UPS shipping rates calculation is available not only to web developers but also to Client-server programmers of Visual Basic, C language, C++, Delphi, Java, etc. By the way, this DLL component can also be used by Windows-based web developers as a server object.
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