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    Remotely Hosted/ Email Systems Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Email Systems Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Omnistar webmail corporate email hosting
    Omnistar webmail corporate email hosting is one of the most secure and user friendly email systems available. The Omnistar Webmail business email hosting includes the best technology for virus and spam filtering available on the web. The Omnistar Webmail email domain hosting is perfect for individuals and businesses alike.
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    2. EbusinessManagerPro
    Ebusinessmanagerpro is an online marketing software designed for automating all of your email marketing efforts while saving time, efforts and money spent in advertising. EbusinessManagerPro system includes autoresponder, affiliate software, shopping cart and ROI tracking solution. It make no difference if you're selling products or services, promoting an affiliate program, launching a new online business or simply responding to a request for more information, our solution will help you make more sales, reduce your advertisement budget.
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    3. SITE PRO : FREE Autoresponder - Followup - Link Tracking - Mailing List
    SITE PRO Autoresponder service is an amazing new project. It offers Autoresponder / Followup / Link Tracking / Mailing List Service and it's really 100% FREE. A testimonial we received from the 1st day of operation describes this service : ' I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for creating such a wonderful free autoresponder. It is really amazing and it works better than so many of them it's amazing. I appreciate 'free' stuff, but really high quality free stuff is altogether another thing. It's worth shouting from the rooftops! ' - Donna Maher
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    4. MQ Autoresponder Pro
    This automated follow up marketing service is the professional solution for any professional business. Follow up prospects with powerful personalised messages. Capture leads directly from the web site or import your existing lists and let them receive your sequence of messages automatically. Html or Txt, newsletter tracking, import export data, free pre-made powerful sales letter templates.
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    5. HolyGhostExpress.com Free Christian Email Service
    Holyghost Express.com is a Free Christian email Service and a General Christian portal
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    6. Optin Mailer
    Optin Mailer allows you to control a list of your customer contacts making it a breeze to send group marketing e-mails. Built-in to our system are all the tools you will need for managing your email marketing campaigns. Because the system is hosted on our servers, all you have to do is log in to your account, define the email you want to send and the list(s) for it to be sent to, click the send button once and our system does all the work for you! You can access your Optin Mailer account from any internet connection. Making it easy to manage customer contacts, at any time from almost anywhere.
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    7. Call4Mail - Email by Phone Service
    Call4Mail email by phone service use innovative speech technology. Your email messages will be synthesized to natural speech and delivered to you by phone. To browse and skip email messages, have messages read to you, and send voice replies , you will be prompted list of options you can simply say.
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    8. LanMail 2000
    LanMail is a complete remote Email server that allows you to easily create and maintain several Email accounts for your organization under a common domain name. LanMail provides direct Email access from anywhere on the Internet, Email forwarding to any other Internet address and Email alias broadcasting. No special connection or equipment is required. LanMail runs remotely full time on Dreamscape Online's network servers. Through the simple web page interface, you have complete control over Email accounts just like running your own dedicated Email server.
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    9. Everyone.net Group Mail
    Group Mail is a fee-based service that allows larger groups and organizations to offer members a fully customized, professional web-based email service.
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    10. Upside ProAutoResponse
    Dramatically increase your bottom line by using the same automatic responder strategies the pros use. Put your Website's sales on autopilot with the ProAutoResponse sequential autoresponder system. Track your marketing campaigns utilizing ProAutoResponse's advanced statistics tracking system. Follow up unlimited leads and prospects with as many personalized e-mails as you wish. Attract only the best prospects to your business, customers who are interested in your product or service.
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