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    Remotely Hosted/ Financial Tools Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Financial Tools Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Winkbill.com - Simple yet Powerful Invoi
    Winkbill is a web based invoicing service designed to provide effort-less and hassle-free billing solution. The application can be used for any product or service. You can easily create, send, and track all your invoices online.
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    2. Currency Converter
    This service will convert currencies. Virtually all currencies listed in our database, from A to Z. This is a FREE service!
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    3. Free Financial Content
    Add Free Financial Content to your site. Stock checker and real time charts from Nasdaq and the DOW.
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    4. Real Estate Calculators
    I spent some time writing some real estate calculators. If anyone needs a calculator for their site I am offering them free for use by other webmasters. I designed the page to be generic so it could fit into other peoples sites. There are two options. The first option should work on all browsers. The second option is a little fancier so it might not work in older browsers but it hides the address bar so users cannot see they have left your domain. Anyway have fun. I am probably going to write some more so feel free to send requests for additional calculators.
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    5. Real Estate Investment Software
    This online software will let you compare real estate invesment with money in the bank. Very useful for calculating what rate of return you are getting on your real estate property investment compared with putting the same money in the bank. Also has sensitivity analysis to tell you which variables affect your bottom line the most and which are irrelevent.
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    6. Importing Mortgage Applications
    Our short form and complete online 1003 applications can be formatted to import directly into Calyx Point, Byte, Genesis, and Contour. These applications are also compatible with any LOS that will import a Fanniemae 3.0 File. You are given a 1 domain user license for as long as you use our service.
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    7. DonationBooster
    DonationBooster allows you to setup virtual fundraising campaigns and visibly track their progress using a thermometer style bar chart that automatically updates with each donation! Donors enjoy feeling like their donations are going to a specific program (your campaign), and top donors appreciate the recognition that you can grant them through the fully customizable layout of having their names placed at the top of the donor list.
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    8. Simple Calculator
    Use this tool to calculate simple calculations you need answered everyday. This tool also has a keyboard feature.
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