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    Remotely Hosted/ Guestbooks Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Guestbooks Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Erimax.com Guestbook
    A highly configurable remotely hosted guestbook service. Features: Every single part of the html is configurable, Ability to block posting by IP-address, User-configurable 'bad-word' filter, Multi-post delete by several parameters, daily back-ups, and more.
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    2. All Them Pages
    All Them Pages provides free (and custom made) guestbooks for webmasters to use on their websites. Written in php3 using a mySQL database these are very nice and easy to use guestbooks.
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    3. Free Wedding Guestbook
    This FREE multi-language guestbook is specially for custom wedding website, it has lovely wedding icon and stylish design. It also admin function.
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    4. Flamebook
    Completely customisable guestbook with user defined entry fields, custom inline field validation, intuitive HTML template system, ip blocking, profanity filtering, BB code support, emoticons, custom thank you emails, ability to edit and delete existing entries and much more.
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    5. sGB
    Our sGB service is the latest in a long line of free services. sGB is not just any guestbook. With features such as password protected administration area, custom IP and filter black lists, unlimited layouts, free hosting + much more, the sGB is everything you could want in a guestbook and more, and all for free!. You don't need to install anything to use our guestbook service, nor do you even need to know HTML!, everything has already been done for you.
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    6. Easy Guestbooks - Free GuestBook for your website!
    Get a free guestbook for your website. Our guest book has no banners or pop-up ads with no messy installations or special hosting requirements needed.
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    7. icGuestbook
    A feature pack remotely hosted website guestbook. Email notification when someone signs it. Security settings to approve submissions or delete submissions. Customized colors and ability to add custom HTML to match your existing website.
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    8. Fastguestbook.com
    A free guestbook service for your site. Simply cut and paste the code to your homepage.
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    9. Free Guestbook Service- iguest.net
    Free Guestbook for your: ability to Reply,Edit,Delete messages, 5 Guestbook html layouts to choose, IP logging and banning, Translate to your own language, Receive new entry e-mail notification,Send e-mail message to all your guestbook visitors,Customizable header and footer HTML, Advanced control panel.
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    10. UnReal Network GuestBook Server
    This is free remotly hosted guestbook system. Features include: HTML filtering, private message option, your own background images, full color customization, optional bad word filtering, optional e-mail or IP banning from signing and more.
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