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    Remotely Hosted/ Image Galleries Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Image Galleries Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Image4U - Image Hosting Service
    Image4U provides free accounts, no bandwidth limits and the ability to directly link to your images from any source including forums, bulletin boards, auctions and web sites. It is an easy, simple and affordable way to store your pictures on the Internet!
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    2. Free Adult TGP / MGP Galleries Content
    Give surfers a reason to keep coming back to your site with this free seamlessly integrated Adult TGP / MGP Gallery system. This is one of the best TGP / MGP Gallery systems out there. We do not dump banners or pop up ads in your code. You have the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your TGP / MGP page to fit seamlessly in to your web site. Just cut and past some code and your new TGP / MGP Gallery service will be ready to view on you site. Check out our demo to see what your free content will look like.
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    3. Effex-Media Photo Albums
    Display your own favorite photos of family, friends, pets or whatever you like, in our online Photo Albums. Store important images for use in any services you have registered like the Guestbook or Message Forum
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    4. Hot Link Us
    Your source for image, icon, emoticon, avatar and more hotlinking. Our galleries are updated regularly and currently have over 4,000 items. No need to worry about uploading, hosting or maintenance. Our galleries are free to browse. Ask us about private galleries.
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    5. Button Generator
    Generate unlimited 80x15 buttons in PNG format. Useful for creating unique images for links, forms, or site identifications. Customize outer border, inner border, bar position, left fill, left text, left text color, left text position, right fill, right text, right text color, and right text position.
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    6. AlbumTown.com
    Users have 50 megabytes of space, with options to upgrade for as low as $1.50. Plans include completely unmetered bandwidth and up to 15 gigabytes of space. Some of our most amazing features include image editing via browser, ability to receive comments from visitors, the option to assign private albums, complete RSS feeds, drag-and-drop uploading, ZIP uploading, ability to choose colors/themes of albums, and NO ads for premium users. There's hundreds of more features listed at our site--check it out.
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    7. DeltaVerse Network Gallery
    Upload any photo, image, or artwork (no pornography or discriminative content) for FREE, and have it rated by fellow peers, as well check out others creations and photography. Currently featuring multiple PC Mods photographs.
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    8. the place for templates, script and high-end, Low-end images
    We sell over 4000 High-end and low-end images Can be used for webdesign and/or multimedia. Also avalible website templates, postcard templates and php scripts, all for a low price.
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    9. Free Photo Album
    Free Photo Album. 10mb disk space,create personal albums,post comments about photos,Rate photos on a scale from 1 to 5,Edit description of uploaded photos,ability to create Private Personal Albums.
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    10. photoalbum.net: image gallery embedding for any webpage (also ebay)
    photoalbum.net offers free remotely hosted scripts to embed a photo album (aka image gallery) on _your_ page. fully featured with album view, zoom, slideshow, editor, password protected albums, grouped albums and so on. upload via different methods. free accounts available. ebay image gallery embedding allowed.
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