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    Flash/ Movies Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Flash/ Movies Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Pixel Menu XML (Free Version)
    IMPORTANT !!! Buttons of the menu could be scrambled if you use an older flash player, flash player 7 or later is needed. Here are the options available in the menu: -button text, url and target -menu color, border color -sub menu color and border color -normal text color and rollover text color for main buttons and sub menu -menu width in pixels -light effect transparency -rollover color and transparency -background file, if you like you can set a background swf or jpg image. -search box on/off -search box width and position -search url, search variable name and target frame. -you can have up to 10 buttons and sub buttons -buttons size change according to button text so your text will always fit in the buttons. Using the search box you can set the menu to do a Google search (default settings) of you can use it with your own search system. The menu is very simple to use, just place the swf menu file and XML config file in same directory and edit the XML file.
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    2. Chrome Menu
    Chrome menu is a menu for flash with chrome effects graphics and sounds, custom user interface for configuring the text on the button , URL to open and target. Install instructions: After you buy and download chrome menu.mxp file double click to open the file and follow the instructions the file appears in the Flash category in your macromedia extension manager , (you can click on the chrome menu and read the file details in extension manager window).If you get an invalid extension error install a newer version of macromedia extension manager. How to use it: Now the menu is installed, open the macromedia flash MX and click window>components , from the components window from your left select Chrome menu and then drag it to your flash movie stage, after you placed it in the chosen place select it and then click window> component parameters you will see a blue config window , enlarge it and complete the text boxes for buttons texts , url to open and target frame.The 'target frame' of each button could depend of your html editor (for example 'target frame' can be: _top , _parent , mainframe , topframe , leftframe ...) if you are not sure it means then you do not need them and leave it how it is :). This is all.
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    3. Chrome Buttons
    Buttons for macromedia flash, compatible with Flash MX, Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX 2004 pro. Just drag and drop them in your flash movie, animation or application.
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    4. Camera Window Component
    Camera window is a flash component that allows you to add a window containing your web cam playback in your flash document. Installation: the file is distributed in the standard macromedia exchange file (*.mxp file). To install this flash component you need macromedia extension manager which you can download for free from www.macromedia.com, after you buy and receive the *.mxp file: -open extension manger, select your flash version from the drop down menu, -click 'File>install extension', browse to the directory where camera window.mxp is saved, select it and click 'open' follow the instructions. Configuration: Now the camera window component is installed, open flash and click on 'window>component s', from the components panel select 'camera window>normal window' and drag it in your flash movie if you want to set the resolution the window will use select the camera window from the stage, right click on it and select 'Properties', in the properties window select the 'parameters' tab and you will see a custom user interface.
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    5. Matrix Menu
    Description: Menu extension for Flash MX, Flash MX 2004. Easy to use, custom user interface. How to install it: Open macromedia extension manager, select from the top drop down menu the product in which you would like to install this component (Flash MX or Flash MX 2004) then click 'install new extension' and browse to the directory in which 'matrix menu.mxp' is, select it and click 'install'. How to use it: It`s easy, now that the extension is installed open flash MX and then open the 'components' window, select 'Matrix menu 2' from the window and drag it in your flash movie. How to configure it: After the menu is in your flash stage click once on it to select it and then select: 'Window > Component Parameters' and you will see it`s configuration panel.
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    6. Flash Sounds 2004
    Flash sounds 2004 is a sound library for flash, this contains: 11 x effects 5 x instruments 8 x sound loops 6 x special sounds 13 x other sounds This sounds library for flash can be used for menus, buttons and other flash movies and applications. This extension is a *.mxp file format and it can be installed with macromedia extension manager, extension manager can be downloaded for free from macromedia.com and it usually comes with flash.
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    7. Liquid Menu
    This menu is a component for flash, just drag and drop it in your flash movie, you can set the buttons text and link to open by it`s custom user interface. After the component is installed open macromedia flash, you can find the menu in window > components > Liquid menu, drag it to your flash movie and then select it and then point to: window > component parameters to edit the options.
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    8. Liquid Menu Pro (Free Version)
    Liquid menu pro is a menu component for Macromedia Flash. It is easy to configure by ití»s custom user interface, has options like: -select number of buttons -set the buttons text, link to open and target frame -select the menu color -set the roll over sounds on/off -set the click sounds on/off -set a text to be displayed in the top of the menu. All options can be set by the component`s user interface.
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    9. Micro Menu XML
    Micro Menu is a menu made in flash but it does not require flash for customization; you can use almost any HTML editor to insert the menu in a web page adn customize it. It is a simple flash file (swf file), the menu can be customized by editing a configuration file (the XML file) that will be placed in the same directory with the menu, so you can customize the menu using any text editor. Here is what you can customize in the configuration file: -the buttons text -the buttons URL to open -the target frame of the URL to open (same window, new window...) -menu color -main buttons text color -sub buttons text color -alpha value (transparency) of the rollover light effect
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    10. Cromas XML Menu
    This is a menu made in Flash MX, it does not require Flash to be used, all you need is to enter the swf file in your web page and edit a configuration file.
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