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    Tools and Utilities/ Networking Tools Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Tools and Utilities/ Networking Tools Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    11. Eficium Cybercafe SurfShop Free
    Cybercafe SurfShop Free is the world's first real cybercafe freeware. It offers an intuitive interface and powerful security, centralised management and reporting features. Get your Internet, games or cyber cafe up and running in minutes with continental Europe's leading Internetcafe freeware.
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    12. DEKSI Network Inventory
    An advanced, powerful, and feature rich asset tracking system that provides a comprehensive and detailed inventory of the software and hardware on your desktop and networked p.c.'s. DEKSI Network Inventory can help the System Administrator automatically install Microsoft hotfixes on all the client computers after MBSA has been installed. You can export this information to Access, Excel, SQL, Oracle, and HTML and you can customize forms and reports.
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    13. IP address manager and network device manager - MasterIP
    MasterIP is a web based IP address and hosting device management software system designed for web hosts and network administrators. This powerful management solution efficiently helps web hosts and network managers to configure, automate, integrate and administer across any network reducing the administrative burden associated with IP address and host device management.
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    14. injeXion's FPS/Player Physics Calculator for Quake Online Game
    The calculator written by injeXion (Chris Welshman) illustrates how framerate can affect player physics in Quake 3. It takes the input framerate and calculates how high a jump will achieve using this framerate, based on the g_gravity setting. It also shows how much higher this jump is than a 'standard' jump, expressed as a percentage for easy comparison.
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    15. WMIControlCenter
    Provides you with a graphical interface that facilitates the calling of WMI scripts remotely using a treeview of specified machines. Scripts can then be easily run against the specified machine. A tool add-on facility allows for easy attachment of new scripts.
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    16. 1ClickPicGrabber with FloatBar
    Grab, save and organize Flash, Quicktime and any other video or pictures you find on websites in a single click directly from your browser. With the first ever FloatBar for Internet Explorer we bring you a powerful tool which helps you in saving ANY embedded video file you bump into online such as Flash, Quicktime and Windows Media. With the new FloatBar you can even ZOOM pictures directly in your browser. This application has no spyware!
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    17. sMonitor
    sMonitor is a network monitoring software that allows you to verify the network connectivity of TCP/IP hosts on the Internet and LAN. The built-in NT service periodically pings, or checks TCP and UDP ports on network devices. If the destination host fails to reply to a ping, connection request, or user datagram, sMonitor alerts you using audible alarms, visible notifications, e-mail messages, third-party software, modem and telnet connections.
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    18. Server Monitor Lite
    The award-winning Server Monitor range of products provides centralised system management tools that continuously monitors network devices availability and performance. In the event of network errors, Server Monitor can alert the network administrator by various methods including email, cell phone or pager BEFORE problems get seriously out of hand. This helps protect your company's data 24x7 and reduces the likelihood of costly network failures. Unlike the majority of products of this type, Server Monitor can be fully administered via a web browser interface. Which means that no matter were you are in your organisation (or world) you will be able to check on the availablity of your critical servers or configure new devices.
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    19. FREE IP to country database
    Maintaining a database of IP to country mappings is daunting at best if one depends on static data as assignments change very often. We maintain a dynamic database of IP to country assignment from all major registries and update the database at least one a week (mostly one every 24 hours or less) to ensure data is always current. (Database is available as a tar.gz archive in CSV format)
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    20. Fast IE Proxy Changer
    Fast way to change your proxy settings in Internet Explorer. Enable or disable the proxy, or set it to a default proxy setting or use an alternate setting. Minimizes to the system tray where you are only a right-click away from changing the setting. Great to use if you need to change your proxy often. (You may need to restart IE when you change the proxy for the change to take effect) No need to install, it runs right from the exe file. Requires the .NET Framework from Microsoft.
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