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    ASP/ References Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of ASP/ References Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Everything you need for internet activity
    Whether your an advanced HTML and ASP Programmer or your new to the entire process, Byrd Development can help you. This is where your going to find the most relevant information and the most useful tools for what your trying to accomplish. We strive to make your web page design cost efficient and user effective.
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    2. ASP Scripts - Manuals - Ebooks
    ASP Ground is Large Database website Listing Free asp and asp.net scripts, asp and asp.net tutorials, other tutorials, ebooks, webmaster tools, and more. Asp List Free Codings. user can download asp codes as porgrammers can add asp codes to the db. ASp Ground is a very large resource website for all who want to learn asp and master it well. and Asp ground contains a large encyclopedia containing ( Internet Terms Glossary-Extensions Glossary ( Almost all File Formats )-Internet Chating Acronyms )
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    3. Download Shopping cart software and tutorials free today.
    We offer free download of fonts, ASP Shopping Cart Software, ASP Scripting and Programming tutorials.
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    4. DevGuru VBScript Quick Reference Guide
    This is an extremely comprehensive 247 page reference source that explains and gives examples of code, plus the resultant output, for all of the constants, functions, methods, properties, objects, operators, and statements that define the VBScript language.
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    5. DevGuru ADO Quick Reference Guide
    This is an informative 323 page reference source that documents all of the properties, collections, methods, and events for the nine ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) objects and the three RDS (Remote Data Services) objects.
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    6. DevGuru Jet SQL Quick Reference Guide
    This is an informative 40 page reference source that explains and gives examples of code for the clauses, declarations, expressions, functions, operators, and statements used by Jet SQL.
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    7. DevGuru Built-in ASP Objects Quick Reference Guide
    This is a valuable 71 page reference source that explains and provides comprehensive, working examples of code for all of the collections, events, methods, and properties belonging to the seven Built-in Active Server Pages objects.
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    8. File System Object (FSO) Reference
    This is an easy to use reference for ASP's Scripting.FileSystem object, the inbuilt object for manipulating the filesystem in ASP. Full examples are provided with every object and its methods, all sorted by object, and with user notes.
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    9. VBScript Reference
    A searchable vbscript reference, rewritten and abridged from the Microsoft online reference. Includes direct links for all categories to the Microsoft scripting language website.
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    10. ASP reference
    Here you will find a reference for the 6 ASP objects, indexed at the top of the page. Quite helpful for ASP development.
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