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    ASP.NET/ Scripts and Components Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of ASP.NET/ Scripts and Components Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. csNetUpload
    This is an ASP.NET class that saves files uploaded through an HTTP post. It can save to disk or export the files as a byte array or a MemoryStream. The code runs on the server and requires no dependent code in the client. It is suitable for use with HTTP file posting controls. There is a fully functional free trial available.
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    2. csNetDownload
    This is an ASP.NET class that controls binary file downloads to the browser, allowing for user verification before downloading and record keeping after downloading. There are also functions to retrieve a file from a remote URL, either streaming it to the browser or saving on the same server as the script. Fully functional trial available.
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    3. csASPNetGraph
    This ASP.NET component draws pie and bar charts and line graphs "on the fly". Graphs can be streamed to the browser as GIF or JPG images or saved to file. A wide range of properties allow the customisation of colour, size and text style. Built in defaults allow the production of graphs with only a few lines of code. Use random colours if prefered. Produce HTML image maps for the charts. Can also be used with Windows Forms. Free trial available.
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    4. .Net affiliate software
    Affiliate and affiliate network software and hosted solutions
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    5. .Net Ad Server Solutions
    We provide a complete line of .Net ad management, ad network, affiliate, affiliate network and banner exchange solutions. Choose between our standard and enterprise versions. Sql server or Oracle may be used for our .Net solutions. Buy and sell ad space on your site automatically or launch your own ad network, ad marketplace or ad exchange. Geo Targeting provided at an additional cost.
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    6. Dating Script
    Professional Online Dating Software. Free installation, tech support, and lifetime upgrades. The most advanced and popular personals script on the Web. AJ Dating software is fully customizable with most advanced features having life time license and outstanding support
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    7. Ideal Ad Server for ASP.NET
    Professional Ad Serving for ASP.NET. Analyze your advertising campaigns with advanced real-time reporting functionality. Supports multiple website serving using a single installation. Spider, search engine and click fraud blocking.
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    8. ASPX Affiliate Program Script
    Advanced Affiliate Program ASP.NET Script available in Access / SQL Server database and includes: multi-level 10 tiers, downline/upline network tree with members details, smart unique clicks, multiple domains support, anti-fraud system, advanced links including flash banners / popups / search boxes / campaigns tracking, extensive administration tools & reports, manual payments / chargebacks, recurring payments support, newsletter and more...
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    9. Pro.Net Float Window
    - Always on top - Aligns to window edge - Overlaps SELECT and ActiveX (Flash) etc. - Dynamic Movement(s) that grabs attention - Great browser support - Works with all pop-up blockers enabled - Place ASP.NET controls within(i.e. Banner control) - Designer Support
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    10. Absolute Banner Manager .NET
    Absolute Banner Manager.NET is a Complete banner management and Ad Tracking software completely developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server Stored Procedures for rotating banners and providing on-line reports and stats to you and your advertisers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Supports all types of banner (HTML,JPG,Gif,Applets,Flash, 3rd party ad serve, Anything!). Real Time stats are available on line and the advertisers can access them by using their assigned usernames and passwords. Automatic e-mail notifications when a banner expires,supports unlimited zones,banners and advertisers. Supports geographic and keyword targeting, web-spiders detection, Your banners can be displayed on any type of page just by inserting a single line of code. Plus much more.
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