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    XML/ Scripts and Programs Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of XML/ Scripts and Programs Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Synchronization between XML Schema and database.
    SysDB is a tool for synchronizing XML Files (based on XML Schema) and a Relational Database. XML files are stored and managed in a database. - Data are managed in configuration : when you change a XML file, only this file will be added into the base. Old versions can be easily retrieved from the database. - Database Schema is automatically deducted from the XML Schema. - Database and XML Schema are synchronized automatically keeping the base management as simple as possible : there is no need to create a new base each time the Schema changes.
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    2. XML Schema Quality Checker
    XML Schema Quality Checker is a program which takes as input an XML Schema written in the W3C XML schema language and diagnoses improper uses of the schema language. Where the appropriate action to correct the schema is not obvious, the diagnostic message may include a suggestion about how to make the fix.
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    3. XML Processing Plus Plus
    The XML Processing Plus Plus compiler converts programs written in this language's syntax into Java code that uses standard XML APIs. The language itself provides simple wrapper APIs: XmlIn and XmlOut. XmlIn is used for retrieving data from XML input streams, and XmlOut for inserting data to XML output streams. In addition, it provides a powerful 'compile-time debugging' facility based on its type-checker. The type-checker runs inside the compiler and detects problems in the code.
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    4. Presenting XML
    Presenting XML is a Java web application framework for presenting HTML, PDF, WML etc. in a device independent manner. The framework supports a flow of content (XML files, flat files, SQL, dynamic XML) through SAX pipelines and XSLT transforms to a device. It runs as a servlet in a web environment and also as a console app. It can be used, for example, to transform flat files into XML, to transform XML content into multi-part MIME mail message, to transform XML into PDF, to generate HTML web pages, etc.
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    5. IBM XSL Formatting Object Composer
    XSL Formatting Objects Composer (XFC) is a typesetting and display engine that implements a substantial portion of XSL Formatting Objects (FO), which became a W3C Recommendation on October 15, 2001. XSL FO is an XML language for typesetting, printing, or displaying any of the world's written languages.
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    6. Visual XML
    Visual XML is a tool that enables you to create and modify DTD and XML documents. This application is written in Java. The look & feel comes from the new pluggable look & feel of the Java Foundation Class (JFC Swing 1.1.1Beta2).
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    7. XSL Editor
    The IBM XSL Editor application allows a user to import, create, and save Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheets and Extensible Markup Language (XML) source documents. IBM's XSL Editor allows users to set and remove 'break points' on the style sheet and source document. The XSL Editor user interface features an XML 'source based' collapsible 'tree view' with dynamic font resizing for 'Zooming' in/out to handle small/large documents. Dynamic 'edit pads' provide a vehicle for style sheet and source document editing that are automatically kept in synch with their corresponding tree views. Style sheet authoring is made convenient by the ability to automatically generate XPath syntax from sample source documents.
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    8. b.
    b. is a Web-based manager for Web bookmarks written in Perl. Bookmarks are stored in an XML file. Operations on the data are done with Perl scripts. It also allows a user to add his/her own new CSS stylesheets and new icons for bookmarks and folders.
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    9. XMLNuke
    XMLNuke is a site content management uses only XML/XSL files. No database is needed and it has a minimum setup. Only just uses XML and XSLT files. The main engine is working and supports internationalization, multiple sites, page caching for improve performance, classes for custom modules, and much more. XMLNuke have four engines (ASP/CSHARP/JAVA/PHP) and your site runs in all these version without any changes! Now was released a CSHARP Version runs under WINDOWS and LINUX.
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    10. Ektron CMS300
    Ektron CMS300, a full-featured XML content management solution, lets users author XML and HTML Web content. It strictly enforces content and page layout, delivers content to multiple devices, offers Active Directory and load balancing support, and shares XML content across B2B transactions. Offers robust content management functionality, advanced XML authoring, XML schema validation, and quick integration. Among many of its cool features, one is now able to predefine a web form to send content as email, keep track and display all events and activities on a calendar style and edit images directly through a web browser by performing more than 20 popular image editing tasks and reducing the need for working offline. Runs on the Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and Macromedia ColdFusion platforms
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