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    CFML/ Scripts and Programs Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of CFML/ Scripts and Programs Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Adsense Downloadable Report Auto Retriever
    As a Google Adsense Publisher, you may want to check your earning report N times a day, with this simple CF tag, you can get real-time result without log onto the AdSense. Usage 1. Change the following two lines: <cfset strYourEmailAddress='REPLACE WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS'> <cfset strYourPassword='REPLACE WITH YOUR Password'> 2. Upload to your websever, then open it at web browser.
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    2. Clickfix
    A sophisticated, versatile, and affordable creative ad serving platform that greatly simplifies the process of managing and rotating creatives on your Web site. ClickFix is a Macromedia Coldfusion based banner ad management software application that supports Microsoft Access, SQL 2000, Oracle & MySQL.
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    3. CF Banner
    CF Banner is an affordable, and feature rich ad management software designed to make your advertising campaign system run with ease. It includes report generating tools, banner upload utilities and client logins.
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    4. cf_advert
    A Cold Fusion banner ad rotating system. Features: Supports single or multiple banners, Banners can be displayed depending on zone or type of the banner, Tracks how many times each banner have been displayed and clicked, Built-in image manager utility, type editor, zone editor, an much more.
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    5. Banner Tracking System
    The ETI Banner Tracking System is a great way to display advertiser or product information to your visitors. The system implements a complete adminstration interface and allows you to place advertising banners anywhere on your web site.
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    6. CFML Resouces
    Extensive collection of free and commercial CFML application, all searchable and categorized. Also includes books,communities, articles, and other CFML resources.
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    7. Online Calendar Software from Same-Page
    * 3 online calendars in 1 ?group, company and supervisor * Allows you to broadcast group activities and schedule meetings * Sends e-mail notifications, auto reminders, and RSVPs * Publishes company events to your website * Inserts hyperlinks directly on the online calendar * Integrates with the TaskTracker Project Management module * Exports to Outlook
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    8. 1WebCalendar V3
    Each user can have multiple phones in the built in phone book. Option to password Protect the whole calendar. (No one can view anything without a login.) Add event categories. Relate users to categories. Make events public or private. If an event is private then only users that are in the related category can see the event. Jump to any date when adding an event CF Server 4.5 and up. Uses access db, can be ported to other dbs. And many more features.
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    9. ShowTimes
    You can have your movie, or performance theater on the web in minutes with ShowTimes. An easy-to-use full-featured program that automates theater schedule display to the Internet. This flexible program provides you with the tools you need to create, revise and edit theater schedules, and more, for display on the Internet. Extensive sort capabilities allows the user to pick a view of the schedule that is right for them.
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    10. Popup Calendar
    There are 3 versions to this which you will see when you go to the site... $5, Lite Version (basic use and encrypted) $5, Full Version (all features and encrypted) $5, Open Source Version (all features and unencrypted)
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