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    Python/ Scripts and Programs Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Python/ Scripts and Programs Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. xmlSiteMakerPy
    lightweight Python based object-oriented xml-xslt framework for static site generation (on site there is UML diagrams of architecture).
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    2. Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server
    Nuxeo CPS is the collaborative web content management solution for Zope. Users create and manage content in Workgroups and publish them in Publications spaces (Hierarchies) through a dedicated workflow. Managers can easily set global and local roles for users (Workgroup Managers, Members, Visitors, Reviewers, and Readers). All actions are available through simple Web interfaces. Nuxeo CPS also features office document integration, indexing, and conversion to HTML format; versioning; attached comments; interactive services (e.g. mailing-lists); and skinning of hierarchies.
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    3. Zope
    Zope is a unique software system: a high-performance application server, a web server, and a content management system. Straight out of the box, it is a complete and self-contained solution, that includes a robust, scalable object database, web services architecture, and powerful programming capabilities.
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    4. MoinMoin
    MoinMoin is a Python WikiClone, based on PikiPiki. The name MoinMoin is a common German slang expression, 'Moin' meaning 'Good Morning', and 'MoinMoin' being an emphasis, i.e. 'A Very Good Morning'. The name was obviously choosen for its WikiWikiNess.
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    5. Pyle
    Pyle is a WikiClone - an implementation of a program sharing general ideas with the original WikiWiki developed by Ward Cunningham. Pyle is written entirely in Python.
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    6. Aether
    A script for managing weblogs and web-sites, for use by individuals or by groups collaboratively running a site. Allows management of a web-site entirely from the web like a wiki. Trivially create, edit, move and delete pages, and create weblogs with Atom feeds. If anyone in a group can update a site from any browser, anywhere, it is likely to be kept up-to-date.
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    7. Karrigell
    Karrigell is a simple web programming solution, including a web server and a relational database (gadfly). It was designed for web sites with moderate traffic, such as personal sites running on a home computer. Allows execution of Python scripts and of pages mixing Python and HTML (PHP-like). Easy handling of authentication and sessions, internationalization features. A file content or the output of a script can be included in another script.
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    8. Spyce
    SPYCE is a webserver plugin that supports simple and efficient Python-based dynamic HTML scripting. Those who like Python and are familiar with JSP, or PHP, or ASP, should have a look at this engine. It allows one to generate dynamic HTML content just as easily, using Python for the dynamic parts. Its modular design makes it very flexible and extensible.
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    9. Wasp
    Wasp is an platform-independent HTML preprocessor. It's like PHP or ASP, except with the powerful Python language at your fingertips. Special Wasp tags enhance your HTML to allow macro expansion, file inclusion, code execution, etc. Wasp may be run in two ways. In client mode, your files are processed in a batch to produce HTML. You do not need a server or access to CGI. Powerful tags will automatically create navigation bars and index pages. In server mode, your files are processed on-the-fly through a complete CGI application framework. You get one-line cookie handling, session support, activity logging, easy form creation, file upload handling, error handling (with e-mail notification), and a remote debugging utility.
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    10. Webware for Python
    Webware for Python is a suite of software components for developing web-based applications that are multi-threaded, object-oriented and cached. The suite uses well known design patterns such as servlets and server pages (as found in ASP, PHP and JSP). It includes the following components: WebKit that provides Python classes for generating dynamic content from a web-based, server-side application; Python Server Page (or PSP), an HTML document with interspersed Python instructions that are interpreted to generate dynamic content, similar to PHP, ASP and JSP; CGI Wrapper, a CGI script used to execute other Python CGI scripts; WebUtils, a basic set of functions for common web related programming tasks such encoding/decoding HTML, etc.
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