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    Tools and Utilities/ Search Engines Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Tools and Utilities/ Search Engines Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Manvish - Keyword popularity checker
    This keyword popularity checker gives the detailed analysis of the keywords to be used in website. Features * Analysis of keywords * Google hits for the keywords. * Overture demand for the keywords. * Sponsored listings in Overture.
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    2. Manvish - Meta tags generator
    Meta tags generator creates meta tags for your website from the details entered by you. More details about other SEO tools available on manvish site - http://www.manvish.com/eservices/seo/freeseotools.htm
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    3. Manvish - Website Analyser
    Website Analyser tool analyzes any web page and its meta tags keywords or phrases included. High search engine ranking requires your pages to maintain optimum word depth and keyword density. (Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword or key phrase to the total words (depth) on a page.) Keyword density is a critical aspect of search engine optimization. To rank highly, your keyword density must not be too high or too low. If your keyword density is too low, your page will not be rated high enough in relevancy. If your keyword density is too high, then the search engine may penalize you for using too many. The 'Web site Keyword Density Analyzer' allow you to quickly determine the correct keyword density mix on the top scoring pages using spider technology similar to the search engines. * Analyze most common Meta tags. * Analyze keyword density from the page content. * Analyze page load time from the page. * Analyze size from the page. * Analyze title Meta tag relevancy to page content. * Analyze description Meta tag relevancy to page content. * Analyze keywords Meta tag relevancy to page content. * Display Meta tags returned from the web server. * Display headers returned from the web server. * Search for keywords on the page. * Search for keywords in the anchor (URL) tags. * Search for keywords in the images alt tag.
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    4. Allayers Script Search
    Search within the best web script portals (also this one :-) for webmaster resources like code, scripts, tutorials, samples and everything related to web programming. This search engine indexes and displays it's own results and does not depend on other SE's. Sites offering free stuff and links to other sites are favored. You can also suggest sites for spidering and add a search box to your site for free.
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    5. Keyword Suggestion Tool
    Free online tool shows the number of times any phrase is searched on and also gives you similar phrase alternates. The system combines both Wordtracker and Overture data into a single, easy to use tool.
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    6. Search Engine Ranking Tool
    The keyword tracker tracks ranking for an infinite number of keyword/URL combos. Also tracks back links historically and PageRank for sites. Charts can be automatically generated to show day-to-day movement.
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    7. Web4Future KeyWord Frequency Counter
    If you're a webmaster or web designer you will find this script very useful, as it is a great help in optimizing your website's contents to be more effective in search engines like Google.
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    8. Search the Web - Powerful yet Simple
    Powerful Search Results pulled from ODP, MSN & Altavista. Results hosted on doppysearch.com to save you bandwidth troubles. Allow visitors to search from anywhere on your website giving them the most accurate results possible.
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    9. Google Search
    Google Search 6.0 provides a user friendly and intuitive interface that provides you with the knowledge of how and where to search: from Word, Excel or Powerpoint.
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    10. PractiSearch Pro
    It has never been easier to look up information in the web from any Windows application - with PractiSearch it is just a matter of clicking the mouse button or pressing a hotkey to start searching a highlighted text in Google or other web resources. The database of searchable web resources includes search engines, online translators, dictionaries, shopping, news, software sites etc. - all accessible within just a click.
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