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    Remotely Hosted/ Searching Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Searching Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Search From The Web on Your Site
    Use a comprehensive search feature to locate anything from most major search engines (i.e. AllTheWeb, Altavista, AOL, AskJeeves, MSN, Yahoo, Google, 4arabs, and more!) All of which within the comfort of your own site. Also a good way to increase traffic to your site and provide valued content.
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    2. yondermail.com Search Engine
    Add this easy to use search the web box to your website for a easy way to increase traffic to your site and provide valued content to your visitors. You are welcome to customize the look and feel of the web search box. The result page is hosted by Search123, which is powered by Teoma. This service is 100% free.
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    3. Free Javascript Search Engine
    Add a free javascript search engine to your web site. By adding a simple javascript code to your web page, you can provide your visitors with a full featured search engine.
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    4. My Google
    By placing a simple bit of html on your website you can add custom google search results. The code can be fully customised so that users dont realise that they have left your website/blog. NEW! you can now add you google adsense pub number to the script so you can make money off the search results.
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    5. MysiteSearch
    MysiteSearch is a powerful search engine software developed specially for webmasters to fast and easy build your own website search engine. There is no need to have database access on you hosting server, install any scripts or software - all you need is to paste few lines of HTML code to your site pages. MysiteSearch enables you to build dynamic remote hosted database-backed website search engine in just a few minitues using our technologies. Our engine is fully customizable, you can integrate search engine with your site very easy, so it will match your site design, look and feel.
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    6. Effex-Media Site Search Service
    Visitors will love being able to quickly find what they need with this invaluable webtool. The Site Search service allows visitors to do a keyword search on your pages and review all of the pages containing that keyword.
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    7. PageSearch
    Pagesearch.net is a free remotely hosted search service that allows webmasters to add search on their site. We index unlimited number of pages from website, unlimited number of folders from your website, order search result by relevancy, no CGI-BIN directory required, no HTML knowledge required etc.
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    8. PicoSearch.com
    PicoSearch.com provides free search engine to search your website. It features: Easy to add and use, Powerful customizing, large page maximums, professional features, and more.
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    9. Atomz.com
    Atomz.com is a hosted software application provider helping corporations, small businesses, and individual web developers build better Web sites. With Atomz.com Search you can quickly and easily add a powerful search engine to any Web site. This service is FREE for sites with less than 500 pages.
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    10. SiteHunting.com metasearch engine
    Add a full-featured metasearch engine to your web site for free. Client script is hosted on your site and you are provided with an intuitive wizard-like interface for designing search results appearance. Everything is customizable - from search results layout to font sizes and colors. SiteHunting.com provides you with the easiest way to seamlessly integrate a search engine into your web site in minutes.
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