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    ASP.NET/ Software Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of ASP.NET/ Software Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Gagnon-Harper Chart
    The Gagnon-Harper CHART .NET control offers a fresh, new way to analyze your data. Similar to a 'radar' chart, yet innovative. If you're still serving up the same old tasteless pies to your customers, take a breath of fresh air. Create a tailored view of the data that is aesthetically pleasing, professional, and space efficient... a virtual masterpiece of ch-ART! Visit our website, View our Flash Demos, and Download a 30-Day Trial today.
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    2. Kinetic CRM - Web Based CRM Software
    Kinetic CRM is a hosted web based CRM Software that allows companies to track Sales, Contacts and Leads. Kinetic CRM now has an integrated eCommerce Shopping store. This allows the customer to embed a estore into their website. All orders and new customers are automatically redirected into the CRM application.
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    3. Adaptrust Project Management and Billing
    Adaptrust CAPE is created for managing your projects. It aims at maximizing the resources and reducing the cost related to project. User Management Statistics and Analysis Web Scheduler Timesheet Management Email Integration Personalization Message CenterWorkflow Report Publishing Searching Human Resources Billing Task Alert Knowledge Management Contact Management Skill Management ERP Integration (Greatplains PA compliance)
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    4. peerTranet Help +
    peerTranet Help + is a helpdesk system / project management system that is designed to help you solve your customers queries. It can greatly improve your customer relations as you will be able to track their issues in an organised way. The system can also track bugs, defects or any kind of problem that needs tracking as you can assign tasks to a individual or to group of individuals. peerTranet Help + supports the following features: Email Notifications so that you get informed when a task/project/issue has been updated automatically. An advanced query interface which enables you to perform complex boolean queries against the database of issues. Web-Based application so it can support multiple users at once. Very user friendly. Support for attachments. You can upload files (Microsoft Word documents, pictures, etc.) and associate the files with an problem. Unlimited Users Allowed !!!!! as licence is per computer/domain
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    5. Aspose.Pdf.Fo
    Aspose.Pdf.Fo is a .Net Pdf document component which allows developers to Convert an existing XML file (.xml) plus a style-sheet file (.xsl) to a new PDF document or a PDF file stream, Convert an existing XML XmlDocument plus a style-sheet XmlDocument to a new PDF document or a PDF file stream, Convert an existing FO file (.fo) to a new PDF document or a PDF file stream, Convert an existing FO file stream to a new PDF document or a PDF file stream, Convert an existing FO XmlDocument to a new PDF document or a PDF file stream.This version 1.1 has added support for not only English, but also all of the other cultures, support for CDATA element in format-object files, ect.
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    6. Aspose.PDF.Kit
    Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a .Net Pdf document manipulating component which allows developers to Edit the existing pdf documents, such as appending and inserting pages, concatenating two pdf documents, splitting one file into two sub-files, Show and change the meta information of a pdf file, the information retrieved and changed involves Title, Subject, Keywords, Author, etc, Add Logo and watermark on the each page, the logo is a string of chars, the watermark is a print in Jpg, Gif or Png format, Encrypt or decrypt a pdf file with owner or user's password, the owner can change password and reset the security setting.The last version merged Aspose.Pdf.Form into Aspose.Pdf.Kit, ect.
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    7. EaseSoft DataMatrix ASP.NET Web Server Control
    EaseSoft DataMatrix Barcode ASP.NET Web ServerControls use its internal HttpHandler to transfer barcode images directly to the client without any temporary files.It is the most efficient method to generate the barcodes dynamically. EaseSoft Barcode ASP.NET Controls are fully compatible with Microsoft C#.NET, VB.NET, Borland C# Builder and Borland Delphi .NET
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    8. Aspose.Pdf.Form
    Aspose.Pdf.Form is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which allows developers to read all the fields of the pdf documents, including its name and value, fill the field through the specified field name, Flatten some specified field or all the fields of the pdf documents, Customize your Pdf document reporting application in minutes from 48 fully-working examples in C#, Visual Basic .Net.etc. Application scenario includes mailmerge from an database and invoices with master relation.The last version support to import data from fdf file into pdf and export data from pdf into fdf, etc.
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    9. Fixit FAQ Net
    FAQ Manager, unlimited categories, easy to use security, powerful search capabilities - 24x7 answers about your products - SQL Server, MS Access, ASP.Net
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    10. Polar Help Desk
    Polar Help Desk is a web based solution that helps you organize support department. With its features like incident management, knowledge base, email integration, reports and user friendly interface it helps you manage your support department. It is based on ITIL, set of best practice, drawn from the public and private sectors internationally.
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