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       Top >>C and C++ >> Tips and Tutorials

    C and C++/ Tips and Tutorials Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of C and C++/ Tips and Tutorials Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. MyNotes, a MFC MySQL++ client example source codes
    Would you like to know how to create MySQL client applications using Visual C++ with MySQL++ class library? What is MySQL? The MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database. Its MySQL++ C++ class library allows you to easily create clients that accesses the database, either on a local computer, LAN or the Internet. If you are looking for a full example source code for a complete MFC C++ program that uses the MySQL++ class library to access a MySQL database, then this package is for you.
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    2. Using SQLite with Visual C++
    Would you like to know how to create embedded SQL database applications using using Visual C++ with SQLite? What is SQLite? SQLite is a C library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine. Are you looking for a way to create compact and yet very powerful database applications without without having to buy a commercial database server? Do you want full control over the size of your database applications without having to use ADO, ODBC and other bloated libraries? Are you a shareware programmer having trouble finding a database server suits your unique needs? Why not use SQLite? If you answered 'Yes' then download this sample eBook to see what it can do for you.
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    3. Microsoft Analysis Services Training
    This free training covers all the topics you need to learn in order to become master in MSAS along with the screen shots and sample code with step by step instructions. Please visit the site for the details on the topcs covered. Introduction to Data Warehousing and OLAP, Introducing Data Warehousing, Introducing Analysis Manager Wizards, Understanding Analysis Services Architecture, Building Dimensions Using the Dimension Editor, Using Advanced Dimension Settings, Working with Cubes and Measures, Managing Storage and Optimization, Processing Dimensions and Cubes. Managing Partitions, Implementing Calculations Using MDX, Working with Virtual Cubes, Using Actions, Drillthrough and Writeback, and Implementing Security.
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    4. Connecting to mySQL Database
    A small introductory tutorial that shows how to connect to MySQL using the mySQL C++ API.
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    5. HTML Snapshot
    HTML Snapshot ActiveX Component uses the internet explorer's functionality to take (capture) a snapshot of a given URL. It hosts the web browser control on windows to download webpage and then capture it as image. It can be easily integrated into applications written in languages that support ActiveX Compoent such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, .Net languages and Scripts.
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    6. C++ Tutorial on Copy constructors
    C++ Copy constructor is a constructor function with the same name as the class used to make deep copy of objects. There are 3 important places where a copy constructor is called.
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    7. Best Practices for Debugging C++ Applications and Components
    This popular talk is back in 2003, enhanced with new information on new debugger features and debugging techniques. Learn how the pros debug their applications through a series of demos.
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    8. Horner's Algorithm
    This tutorial will teach you how to run the Horner's algorithm, for number convertion. It converts numbers from specified numeric system into decimal, without using powers, which makes the whole process faster. The tutorial won't explain why these arithmetic calculations do so, but just how to run them.
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    9. Selection Sort
    This tutorial will show you how the Selection Sort algorithm works. It is mostly used to sort numbers, but you can sort letters aswell using the ASCII numeration. The tutorial also includes a sample program that demonstrates the algorithm.
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    10. Pointers And Arrays
    This tutorial is dedicated on the pointers and the arrays in C. It introduces the concept and usages of pointers and arrays.
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