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    ASP/ Tips and Tutorials Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of ASP/ Tips and Tutorials Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Display Random Banners
    Simple code to display random banners. Can be intergraded into just about any script.
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    2. adrotator example
    It is not always necessary to need a complex ad system for your system . The adrotator component is a simple alternative . This shows the basic usage.
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    3. Banner Control System
    Use this wizard to create the Banner Control System for your site. This application will give you the ability to rotate banners on all pages in your site rotating them randomly while giving them equal page views at the same time. Uses Access/ASP.
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    4. Developing a Customizable Banner Rotation System
    This two-page article provides a couple ways to build your own banner rotation system for your Web site: Using Microsoft-bundled Ad Rotator component, and Using a custom, database-driven approach.
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    5. A complete free banner ad system in action
    This tutorial explains the complete banner ad system used at the site, 'CoverYourASP'. Database driven, but using Application variables extensively, it tracks impressions and clickthroughs and is fully automatic. Source code available for download.
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    6. Ignoring clicks from IP addresses
    One requirement of the CoverYourASP advertising system is that multiple clickthroughs from the same IP address on the same day will be ignored. Another way to stop spiders is by testing the HTTP_USER_AGENT.
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    7. Rotate sponsor banners in random order
    This is a couple of simple ASP scripts demonstrating how to rotate banners in random order. It makes use of JavaScript's Math.random() function.
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    8. Creating a banner-ad rotation and tracking system
    This is a quick tutorial describing how to create an ASP/SQL-driven banner-ad rotation and tracking system for your site.
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    9. Rotating Banner Ads using a Database
    This tutorial shows how to create a simple Ad rotation system based on ASP-SQL Server combination. All Ad info (except images, which are asumed to be in current directory) is stored in SQL server table caled Banners. The system is intended to provide easy random rotation and counting of Ad showing and clicks.
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    10. A Banner Ad Rotator
    This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make a banner rotate include file for including in your ASP pages. All source code is available.
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