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    Remotely Hosted/ Web Fetching Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Web Fetching Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Syndikut - Google Pagerank Checker
    Syndikut Google Page Rank Checker allows you to instantly check your websites ranking. You can easily display your google page rank by adding a small piece of code into your page.
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    2. Nabaza.com Weather Desktop Tool
    Nabaza.com Weather Desktop Tool - offers the weather check and 5-day forecasts in your country, state or any city you like.
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    3. IE AutoFill
    AutoFill is an Internet Explorer extension that allows you easily save and fill Internet Web Forms. It is integrated with Internet Explorer and can be access from a toolbar that becomes a part of Internet Explorer, HTML page context menu. IE AutoFill saves web form data and properties to protected location on your computer for later editing and filling. IE AutoFill automatically highlights all the previously saved web forms controls
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    4. Archive Alert
    Gives you automatic alert regarding Archive Alert right on your desktop's tray. Once you minimize it it will be ready for you always to alert you any time you're convenient. Complete privacy is included because no email address is required. Just anonymously browse the desktop alert messaging system placed on your desktop.
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    5. Metatags Extractor
    View site's meta information, you can also copy and paste the tags onto your website.
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    6. Bandwidth Calculator
    Not sure how much bandwidth (traffic, data transfer) do you need? Bandwidth Calculator helps you to find the answer.
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    7. WebFetching - fetch data from any page and store into databases
    WebFetching.com is a powerful content retrieval service. User may create 'fetchings' to grab content and information from public websites (dynamic and static) and store it in their own databases. Databases can be accessed via ODBC and data may be used for websites, intranets or other applications. Pattern definition is supported by intelligent '2 selection detection analysis'. Many post-processing functions (math and text). Fetching scheduler included (from hourly to monthly). Unlimited 'deep fetching' possible by retrieved sub-URLs.
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    8. Google Cache Analyzer
    This service will tell you when the last time Google spidered your site and cached your source code. This is a great tool to see how often Google travels through your site. This is a FREE service.
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    9. Your Own Clickbank Desktop Search Tool
    Rebrand Your Own Clickbank Desktop Search Tool with your name, email, and clickbank affiliate id. Very easy, download the application and get 2 programs, one the actual program and the rebrander. Give it away for free and gain commissions on every giveaway. Create your very own free clickbank mall, clickbank desktop search, clickbank store, clickbank cyberstore, clickbank junction, and clickbank cybermall all in one. Just using 1 clickbank userid.
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    10. WeatherClicks
    Weather is among the most popular content on the web and will keep your users coming back. Easily add continuously updated content to your site by pasting a few lines of code into your page(s). WeatherClicks is the largest provider of free JavaScript and XML weatherfeeds for websites, businesses and other entities. The system is easy to use and simple to integrate.
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