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    ASP/ Web Sites Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of ASP/ Web Sites Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Work from home Data Entry *Easy Work* - PIXdata
    Opportunity for stay at home moms or simply to suppliment your current income! MUST have a computer with internet access and be at least 18 years of age. Very easy work, but we are over-wellmed and need help! You will earn between $200 and $1500 per week - you set your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want! Because this position is a work from home opportunity, you will have the option to work from ANYWHERE that has a computer with internet access, weather it be at home in your pajamas, in your car on your laptop, or even in your office while you do other work! Don't let other people schedule you!.For further details and to apply
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    2. DVD Zone :: Boast Your DVD Rental Business
    You can boast the revenue generated by your DVD Rental Business by allowing the users to order online. We have provided many features which can be really useful for the users who may wish to rent a DVD. They can add a DVD in their wishlist and can move the DVD's on their wish list up or down depending on the priority on which they want to rent that DVD. They can see the DVD's which have been sent to them and are on their hands by just visiting their account. So there is no delay in returning them. You have full control of the genres you want to use through our extensive admin panel. You can add as many DVD's as you want with just a click. You have full control over the CMS of the website, you can edit it on the fly. We have provided a HTML WYSIWYG Editor so you do not have to do any kind pf programming. Please check out the demo site to see the script in action.
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    3. Hypnotic Monkey
    Web page for tutorials and support with scripts and general web/computer help. Also provide web design and hosting (Windows Server, asp supported, asp.net, ms access database, email forwarding).
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    4. Pentacle Silver In-Out Board
    User Interface Sort by Name or Status - click Name or S Change the user status - click the user name. Add future event, modify it and delete it. * Group users in different groups. Show the user status - point mouse on the status icon. Show the user phone number - point mouse on the user name. Directly email to user - click @. Show you when the user change his/her status. Instant news. Clear calendar. * Future Event: You can set that you will be 'DayOff' on a specified future date and time. The event you set show on the calendar of homepage in dark color. When the system time pass it, the status, 'DayOff', you set will automatically update on the IN/OUT board and the event on the calendar show as gray color. Administrative Interface Site Setting Customize site skin, 2 skins included. Customize your company name. Change your administrator password. User Manager Create new user. Edit user information or Delete users. News Add news. Edit news title, content, even the date on which the news will disappear. Groups Setup Add group, change group name. Sick Leave Tracking Key in the user's max days allotted to specified year. Key in half day or full day sick leave to track the person's whole year sick leaves. Vacation Tracking Key in the user's max days allotted to specified year and carried from last year. Key in half day or full day vacation request to track it. Auto-calculate the number of days user takes vacation.
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    5. Cheapcode.
    Find your favorite script, amazing stuff or anything here.
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    6. ASP Freelancer Jobs
    This is a free service to ASP/ASP.NET. ASP-Freelancers offer ASP Projects and Full Time work. Employers post for free and Freelancers bid. Everything is totally free and we take no commission.
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    7. ProjectProofing
    ProjectProofing.com allows you to offer your clients the ease of proofing their graphic, audio, video, web site, and Flash design projects online, from anywhere with a computer and online access. For under $10 per month, you can create and maintain an unlimited number of clients and projects. Whether you design print advertisements, audio, video, web sites, or Flash, ProjectProofing is a cost effective solution for you and your company.
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    8. ASP and ASP.NET Scripts by Category
    A categorized list of scripts for your site. Contains ASP and ASP.NET scripts. Submit your script for free with a direct link.
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