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    Remotely Hosted/ Web Traffic Analysis Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Web Traffic Analysis Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Stat Dude - Powerful website statistics counter
    If you've got a website, you need Stat Dude! Stat Dude is a free yet reliable, fully functional, real-time web tracker. See where your visitors are coming from in real-time, no need to wait days to see last weeks stats.
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    2. List referrers to any webpage
    Referer.org delivers custom referrers list specific to any webpage ?and it's free! Enhance user experience with relevant links that will interest your users. Get more links from other websites who wants a link back from you. Get started fast and pay nothing to participate. No approval needed and no registration. Serve your own referrer list in minutes! Just cut and paste the javascript code.
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    3. Tetigi
    The statistics available on Tetigi provide an in-depth knowledge of the audience and a detailed analysis of your web site performance. You are given all the elements necessary to evaluate the opportunity of making any changes to increase traffic or to better focus on your users target. Tetigi statistics can be accessed through the following menus: Visits, Referrers, Pages, Visitors and System. Moreover, the Administration menu contains a full range of options to customize most of Tetigií»s functions, based on the type of your site and your analysis requirements. For all details it provides (totals, averages, percentages and so on), every statistic is easy-to-read and the trend can be grasped at first glance. Lots of different tables and charts provide a detailed picture of your data on predefined and custom time intervals. Last but not least, for an easier evaluation of the paths followed by visitors on your web site, Tetigi provides thumbnails of viewed pages!
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    4. StatsSheet Free Web Stats and Hit Counter
    StatsSheet is a free reliable, detailed web based stats service. You simply insert a peice of code in all the pages you want stats tracked for. You can have the counter be invisible or you can have a visible counter. With features like full visitor paths this tool is great for tracking how people use your site. It also includes a inLive feature that shows you who is currently on your site.
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    5. Google DC Check
    Check your pagerank, Backlinks and indexed Pages in all Google DATA centers.
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    6. Google Page Rank
    This service will retrieve your Google Page Rank. This is a FREE service.
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    7. pStats!
    Easy to use, straight to the point traffic analysis service. Offers 30 summary stats to let you know how your site is doing.
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    8. Web Site Statistics
    Real-time website traffic statistics include views, unique views, hosts, link monitoring, download tracking, visual traceroute, geolocation, paths, referrers, search engines, browsers, top keywords, breakdown of search terms by search engine, password protection and more. A personal IE toolbar displays the basic information from your webstats.
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    9. Advanced Web Counter and Stats Analysis
    With TrafficFile.com you will discover: which web sites are sending you visitors, which search engines are sending hits to you, keywords people are using to find you in the search engines, and valuable information about your visitors eg. Browser, Screen Size, Color Depth, Nationality, Language and much more. Three levels of service are available.
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    10. AceStats
    Acestats reports are available to you in real time from anywhere and at any time. Simply login to your members panel and view the tables and graphs displaying upto the minute information on your web site visitors. See which web sites and search engines are sending the most traffic, what keywords and phrases your visitor's are using in the search engines to find you, which countries your visitors are coming from and much more.
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