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Javascript - Popup Windows:

Open Popup on page load

This example shows how popup window open when you load the page.

Six Second Delayed Popup

This script opens a popup 6 seconds after the page loads.

Open popup on unload

This shows how to have a new popup window appear as the current page is exited. It uses the onunload event routine defined in the BODY tag to call a JavaScript routine.

Popup window and frame

This shows how to have a frame window popup window change the url of another frame.

Popup window close methods

This example shows different ways to close the popup window. (1)Close the popup after a pre-determined amount of time. (2) Add a text/image link to close the window. (3) Add a button to close the window.

Page contents: itechies.net - Learn how to create popup windows onload ,Six Second Delayed Popup,Open popup on unload.
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