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adobe photoshop tutorial Advanced photoshop tips
  • Photoshop - Introduction
  • Photoshop Tools
  • Photoshop - Selection Tools
  • Photoshop - Move Tool
  • Photoshop - Paint tool
  • Photoshop - Photo Retouching tools
  • Photoshop - Eraser tools
  • Photoshop - Type Tool
  • Photoshop - Guides & Grids
  • Photoshop - Gradient
  • Photoshop - Filling & Stroking
  • Photoshop - Transforming a selection

  • Photoshop - Layers
  • Photoshop - Layer Effects
  • Photoshop - Layer Mask
  • Photoshop - Adjustmant Layer
  • Photoshop - Clipping Group

  • Photoshop - palettes
  • Photoshop - Color Palette
  • Photoshop - Navigator Palette
  • Photoshop - Info paletts
  • Photoshop - Options Palette
  • Photoshop - History Palette
  • Photoshop - Channels paletts
  • Photoshop - Layer Palette
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  • adobe photoshop tutorial
    Home >> Tutorials >> Basic photoshop Tutorials
    This tutorial is for beginner: This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to use photoshop.
    What is Adobe Photoshop?

    Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image-editing tool to produce sophisticated graphics for the web and for print. Photoshop, in combination with ImageReady , lets you create, refine, and optimize Web graphics with ease, or produce Web animations, rollover effects, and other dynamic Web graphics. Included with Photoshop (v5.5 or greater) is ImageReady 2.0. It has a powerful set of Web tools for optimizing and previewing images, batch processing of images with droplets in the Actions palette, and creating GIF animations.

    When you open Adobe Photoshop, the menu bar along the top of the screen, the toolbox just below that, and four palette groups appear on left of the screen. photoshop palettes to see how you can re organize the palette display.



    Page contents: itechies.net - Basic photoshop tutorial. These tutorials will show you how to use Photoshop tools,palletes,menu bar ect.
    adobe photoshop tutorial