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    Photoshop CD player  

    CD player:
    This is a multi-part tutorial teaching you how to make a real looking cd player. Use these 6 detailed tutorials to help you make the most real looking cd player ever!

    Clean Content Box  

    Clean Content Box:
    Create those super clean content boxes as seen on most flash sites.

    Extreme Layout  

    Extreme Layout:
    Learn how to create a layout using airbrushing techniques

    Photoshop Reflection  

    FreeForm Interface:
    Learn some methods used to create graphics for free form skins such as Windows Media Player and Winamp 3/5.


    Want to add some spice to your new interface? Well follow this easy tutorial to add some Gears to your inteface!

    Photoshop Reflection  

    Interface w/Window Reflections:
    This tutorial shows you how to utilize Photoshops Liquify filter to help create some unique window reflections and also how to do the '5 second metal' trick.

    Website layout  

    Make a website layout:
    Learn how to make a layout in Photoshop. This tutorial shows the styles for the boxes and a few other little bits too!

    Quick Content Box  

    Quick Content Box:
    In this tutorial we are going to show you how to make boxes that you can put in layouts and design interfaces with. Its pretty simple so have fun!

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